Setapa Traditional Dance From Botswana

Setapa Traditional Dance from Botswana - Taste of Southern Africa

Setapa is one of many traditional dances originating from the Tswana speaking people of southern Africa.

This particular dance comes from the Bangwaketse tribe of Botswana. The name Setapa comes from the Setswana phrase "go tapa tapa" describing the tapping motion of the feet during the dance. Although widely performed now, this dance style used to be mainly seen during "letlhafula", the harvest season, with all night performances out in the fields as well as at the village “kgotla” - the administrative centre and meeting place in Tswana villages.

During Setapa performances, traditionally, girls would sing, clap hands and ululate while the boys would do most of the dancing, whilst whistling to express joy. 

Buskers at Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg performing Setapa.

Photo credit: Wendy

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