African Penguins of Boulders Beach


Nestled just outside Simon's Town is Boulder's Beach, home to an incredible colony of African Penguins, and the only place in the world where people can come so close to them. 

We took the train out from Cape Town for R22 return, and made our way through the towns of the cape peninsula down to Simon's Town. They recommend getting first class seats, for clearer windows, I guess - but we got to take in the beautiful views nonetheless after Muizenberg, after the train got to the coast.

Our train terminated at Fish Hoek and we had to get a mini bus the rest of the way which took us straight to Boulder's Beach for R8 a person.

Once on Boulder's beach, there are two main areas where you can see the penguins. The first of the two is an area with viewing platforms. The route winds through a protected nesting area to two main viewing decks. The view with all the penguins in quite incredible. The deck to the right as you enter is definitely a lot quieter, and worth going to first. The desk straight ahead as you enter leads you to more penguins, but it's definitely more crowded.

Once you're done watching the penguins from the decks, it's time for a closer look! The second area which is closest to the car park is definitely what makes Boulder's beach special. You can walk freely along the beach, swim in the water and explore the boulders - alongside all the penguins! Be careful not to get too close though as the penguins do bite! I found them to be very calm and easy going, as we milled around and posed with them.

It costs R75 for adults to enter the area, and it's well worth it! The fee covers both areas and goes towards conservation, which ensures the penguins are protected and continue to breed. If you're looking for a lovely, relaxing day, Boulder's Beach is definitely the place to visit!  

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