Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi - Taste of Southern Africa

This beautiful body of freshwater is Lake Malawi, known for its long stretches of totally uninhabited golden sand lakeshore, lapped by crystal clear waters.

The lake, in the north, is quite extraordinarily deep, plunging 700 meters, well below sea level. This reflects the enormity of the natural faulting of the Great Rift Valley, which is the origin of the lake. Lake Malawi’s approximate dimensions are 365 miles, north to south, and 52 miles wide.

Because of its rich fish harvest, the lake plays an important part in the economy of Malawi. Fishing villages are scattered along the shore and the traditional industry and practices are an attraction to visitors. Access to the lake is possible along much of its length, but it’s usually necessary to take a short detour off the main roads in order to reach the beach.

Kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving and water skiing are just some of the lake activities available to visitors, as well as various cruises on the lake.

Photo credit: Joachim Huber

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