Small / Children's Maasai Beaded Ceremonial Necklace

Small / Children's Maasai Beaded Ceremonial Necklace


This beautiful piece of African jewelry is a Maasai ceremonial wedding necklace, traditionally worn by young Maasai girls and brides - but now commonly worn as a fashion accessory by both men and women. Its beautiful design makes for a great addition to an outfit for a special occasion, or can be hung as decor in a room.

The neck piece is 100% handmade in Kenya using natural beads of different colors and leather. It consists of a large flat disc that surrounds the neck made up of rows of beads threaded onto wire, secured and spaced with cow hide strips.

This small sized Maasai necklace measures approx 9.5 inches (24 cms) wide with an inner diameter of 4 inches (10 cms) and four dangling strands 39 inches (15 cms) long. The total length of the piece is approx 26 inches (66 cms).

The price has been marked down due to slight (non visible) damage to one of the tassels which has had to be glued back on.

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